A5 Sportback reviews: suspension drama for Audi

Audi A5 Sportback
The Audi A5 Sportback has “flawed suspension”, “unpolished underpinnings” and is “a firm stride in the wrong direction” according to three different reviews from three different publications. This is quite a surprise, bordering on the shocking, for what was expected to be a high quality, classy and stylish offering from Audi. The problem for the A5 Sportback seems to lie mostly in the suspension, and a little in the steering. Below we give you extracts from the reviews that highlight the problems encountered, but to give a little summary: apparently the steering is inaccurate, torque steer can occur with quick acceleration and the weight of the car suddenly kicks in halfway around a corner.

The biggest issue for the reviewers, though, is the suspension. Apparently extremely stiff, the suspension gives you the opportunity to feel every pot-hole, every unsealed surface and every bump in every road.