Lancia Delta 2009

Lancia Delta 2009
Delta, a historical name representing one of the peaks of Lancia car `s history, but also a mathematical symbol that represents change, difference, evolution.

In this sense, Lancia Delta is one of the first cars in a new Lancia philosophy. An original and unique synthesis of two fundamental values of the Lancia brand, the bold elegance of style and innovation, which inspires every marketing activity and communication.

This is the first totally new vehicle in the second Lancia centenary, the Delta. Blessed with an unmatched design faithful to the call of the innovator brand. For product features and support international development work scheduled to start in mid-2008, Delta represents a turning point in the story `s Lancia and contribute significantly to the strategic plan.
Perfect balance of style for the Lancia of the future.

The first advanced “delta” is represented by the ability to reconcile the traditional elegance of Lancia with original architectural solutions, for the first time combine harmoniously the bold personality of a sports car with the comfort of a saloon on board.

Designed by the Centro Stile Lancia, the new Delta brings into the future the tradition of “great” Lancia - as the Aprilia, Appia, Fulvia, Beta, Prisma, Dedra and the Lybra. Already at the forefront of the front is the medium sized saloon. Delta is 4.5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters in height. Measurements, which when coupled with a wheelbase of some 2.7 meters, guaranteeing an extraordinary habitability for it `s segment.

The nose of Lancia Delta is aggressive and important, stressed by the volume of the mudguards and characterized by an imposing radiator grill, brand. A harmonious convergence of the well sculpted bonnet and the fluid lines of the wheelhouse, while the dynamic aspect of the vehicle is underlined by the broad air intake, witness to the fiery temperament of the Lancia Delta. That make the vehicle even more sporty and technological is a set of innovative spotlights, true high-tech engineering jewels, framed by a line of LED `s.

Hand, the Lancia Delta shows great dynamism, with a high Beltline and trapezoidal rear pillars, a natural support for the nautically inspired “flying bridge” roof. Contributing to the smooth lines of the vehicle are the chromed moldings - perfectly integrated in the weatherstrips emphasizing the “flying bridge” - and the dull gray color contrast in the lower threshold of the door, which recalls the roof `s two colors in clear homage to the Lancia tradition.

The broad surface of the glass ceiling - to a divergent development of the uprights towards the rear area - terminates in the spoiler, perfectly integrated with the original envelope and substance of modern design with just the perimeter of the structure. The same style and originality is at the rear, where the vertical LED headlamps, an expression of advanced technology, further enhance the elegant Lancia Delta lines.

A fascinating and innovative range, that finds a perfect balance in the interior - quiet, bright, rich in luxurious materials and harmonious colors - ensures that unparalleled comfort. As the sound absorbing roof panel which ensures a quiet drive, while the generously dimensioned side windows provide plenty of light, along with the optional roof has extra 80% of the total area. An exclusive and comprehensive space protection is born: like the interior of a Lancia car should be. Fully in line with the Lancia tradition, the first area is characterized by soft surfaces and linings in high-quality material. Alcantara leather - and an “important” dashboard with Benova ®, an innovative material and noble polyurethane base product which offers the same tactile and visual sensations as real leather (the product is registered by Benecke-Kaliko and has so far been used on the top line of vehicles, such as the Maserati).

In addition, the center console is particularly attractive because the “ideal technological plate” seems to “fluctuate” upon the surface below. This ideal emphasized the overlap between the original white lighting which spills from the console and illuminates the buttons of the original three-dimensional shape. In addition, all driving controls - console, driving wheels, climate control and “infotainment” application - have the same chromatic treatment and are made of the same material, with a cash and technology that improves the entire board instruments, to highlight their important role.

The unmistakable Lancia class can be seen in detail in the chrome of the controls: from the climate control and radio brand, the door handles and console controls. At the same time, the wheel of the new Delta recalls, in a key, the historical “four spoke”, and the same applies to the elegant gearshift knob.

Comfort and pleasant well-being for those who recline in the rear seats. Not only because they are real armchairs which provide excellent comfort, but also due to the rear habitability of the new Lancia Delta (which has a wheelbase of more than 2.7 meters) are among the best of the range. The interior becomes a living room, thanks to sliding rear seat with subsequent adjustments, which further increases the capacity of the already spacious trunk. Or by tilting the seat back, total relaxation is at hand, the full extent available in the business class seats of intercontinental flights.

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