Berlusconi's is not an Italian car fan, indeed, there is evidence

A Magnificent Maserati Quattoporte
Yes, that archetypal Italian, Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi, has decided to hand over part of Alitalia to the French. Strange in a way, because many Italians are not great fans of those who hail from the land of snails and h’orderves, but then what do you expect from someone who appears to shun Italian cars? And I bet you can’t guess what make one of Berlusconi’s first cars was.
Cars Not Made in Italy

According to a little article I recently read in Italian magazine, Capital, which is devoted to Italy’s well dressed entrepreneurs, Berlusconi is not a Ferrari fan, nor does he love Maseratis or even that most red blooded of Italian marques, Lamborghini. Nope, the champion of Italy and all things Italian, prefers Teutonic might.

For those official functions, Italy’s perma-tanned PM can be found wafting along in armoured Audis A8s and bulletproof Mercedes’ 600s, not to mention the odd BMW. By all accounts, Il Cavaliere’s love of German motors put Ferrari and Maserati head Luca Montezemlo’s nose rather out of joint. To right this perceived wrong, the head of the FIAT group gave Berlusco a brand spanking new Maserati Quattorporte back in 2004. Said Maserati appears to spend more time gathering dust than it does representing its country, though.

even after all the song and dance about striving to keep Alitalia good and Italian - Berlusconi is French. Not ‘Il Cavaliere’, but ‘Le Chevalier’!