Peugeot 308 RC Z


Peugeot has its eyes set on the Audi TT market, but its perhaps not too brash about it. Shown during the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, the 308 RC Z concept car is Peugeot’s interpretation of driving pleasure. Modern, original and well balanced are the words that best describe the direction of the design study.
Usage of alluminium components for parts like the two roll over protection bars plus polycarbonate rear wind screen and carbon fibre body parts helpto lower the mass of this vehicle, making it as agile as possible.

The streamlined design is not only taut, but also provides efficient aerodynamic specifications. The two curved sections emerging form the Peugeot 308 RC Z roof give the vehicle an original appearance and contriute greatly to its aerodynamic efficiency. The design of the tailgate assists the airflow over the rear of the vehicle while the shape of the rear of the Peugeot 308RC Z provides sufficient down force onto the rear suspension to eliminate the need for a rear spoiler, thereby preserving the purity of the car’s lines.
All these improve the performance and fuel consumption of the car. The production blueprint allows Peugeot to adopt the stylish front design, to share a large number of components and to capitalise the 308’s hatchback strong points.