By Car, Couple Bride Change Real Name

By Car, Couple Bride Name Change Real
love of one's car sometimes makes them dared to do crazy things even their last name with the brand name of his idol car. Consider only the couple's story and Chris Case Jaime Hodges when they decided to get married. Both agreed not to establish a casual wedding. Jaime and Chris did not want a wedding that only standard colored wedding dress, cake, party, the lease consultants, and of course always identical great cost.

That's why making a marriage with the concept of 'Wedding Road Trip' for two months. With this concept they walk around the United States and visited all of their old friends in different parts of the United States. To achieve all this, Ford Motor Company had to help them by lending a Fusion sedan to accompany them through life new.

On the way, they could discuss for Menganti their last name to a new name. Because either they do not want to wear her partner's last name. And after two months of long conversations, punctuated by little fights and long hours of thinking, finally they decided to name Ford as their last name, Be now both named Chris and Jaime Ford.

According to the site weddingroadtrip, Monday (31/8/2009), both have a variety of considerations before finally choosing a name Ford as their last name.

Here are a few reasons:
1. Ford says means 'to cross the river'. This term is described in America as a force.
2. President Gerald Ford came from the same town with Chris.
3. Ford Motor Company is not like GM and Chrsyler bankrupt and requested assistance from the government bailout and tax Americans.
4. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with a goal that people will be buying their cars.
5. Jaime's father used to give a Ford Mustang.
6. The first pickup is the Ford Ranger Jaime.
7. Jaime's grandfather, Bud, like around the U.S. with the Ford Ranger.

And a number of other reasons, they finally decided to make a name Ford as their names. So this is the couple Mr and Mrs Ford.Let's hope their marriage lasting.