Honda City 2009 - Modulo

Honda City 2009 - Modulo
Modulo delivers the best of all worlds – an amazing driving experience, outstanding aerodynamics, improved stability and a sporty, aggressive design. You can make the City your own by choosing from an inspired range of Modulo accessories. Create a personal and powerful impression. Customise your Honda, make it the car of your dreams.

Modulo. Honda Custom Performance

The Modulo Concept

Honda designers combine the know-how of car manufacturing with design sensitivity to create designs with outstanding individuality.
Engineers then create products that enhance the high quality finish, as well as the fundamental efficiency and function of Honda cars. To ensure quality and integrity, stringent testing is performed in the pursuit of high all-road quality.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo Front Under Spoiler

Front Under Spoiler

Adds to the athletic look of your City and is designed to hold the car to the road. Arrow-like design aids in precise performance.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo Rear Boot Spoiler

Rear Boot Spoiler

Enhances the aerodynamics and the assertive attitude of your City. The Rear Boot Spoiler adds to the presence, elegance and character.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo Rear Under Spoiler

Sports Grille

The honeycomb design is precise, imposing and sporty. The shield-like Sports Grille adds intensity and style to the City's front end.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo Side Skirt Set

Side Skirt Set

Adds a focused and sharp look. Helps hug the road while creating a unique and defined side profile that reflects City's sports-like design.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo 15-inch Alloy Wheels

15" Alloy Wheels

15" Alloy Wheels complete your City VTi's individual styling. The contrasting two-tone colour scheme expresses quality, style and spirit.

Honda City 2009 - Modulo 16-inch Alloy Wheels

16" Alloy Wheels

16" Alloy Wheels for the City VTi-L feature a 7-spoke design in a race-inspired graphite colour. When fitted, they really make a statement.