Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene’s car race

Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene’s car raceKristen Stewart and Ashley Greene are filming their scenes in the yellow Porsche.

New Moon fan Bellafira is watching the action as it happens and reporting everything back.

She twitters: “The Art dept has removed all banners from square. It looks quite sad and barren.

“The young fans who are in town are going wild over Kristen and Ashley’s cars. The cars were swarmed and the screaming was deafening. Kind of scary.“They are wrapping up the car location and are starting to move the equipment to a new one.

“We are now down at the very bottom of town they are setting up a big shot of the car racing through town. Doubles are here.

“Ashley is looking fabulous in big sunglasses and head scarf. It looked like she was driving the Porsche in the last shot.

“Too funny it looks like Ashley’s stunt double is a guy. The scarf sure hides his Adams apple!

“Charlie (Bewley) just walked on set. Not in costume so my guess is that he is hanging out watching Kristen and Ashley.”